David Bowie: The Golden Years, by Roger Griffin


This *treasure* has just arrived at Storm HQ, and I’m so delighted to see it has come out looking every single bit as good as we could have hoped for. This has to have been one of our favourite projects ever to be involved with: Roger Griffin’s David Bowie: The Golden Years, published in Tokyo in Japanese by our colleagues at Shinko.

It’s now just over a year since the great man left us, and in this house we have not stopped talking about him and his singular contribution to the history and culture of music. There will never be anyone like David Bowie, and we are naming our forthcoming cultural review after a lyric on his groundbreaking futuristic trash glam album Diamond Dogs.

David Bowie: The Golden Years has been in preparation for several years, incidentally, and in fact I had it on my catalogue for six book fairs before it finally got finished! The author, the editor and the design team (and now the Japanese translators and designers too) have really put an awful lot of work in, and how it shows. The “golden years” of Bowie’s career are 1970-1980 in Roger Griffin’s esteem, and I tend to agree. Like many others of my generation, Bowie’s songs during that period gave me a much-craved feeling of safety as a child (“Oh no love! You’re not alone”) and it’s notable how very many of us have said that since he died. And of course the manifold costumes and looks of those years have inspired way too many to count (hello, wonderful Tilda!) and will no doubt continue to, forever…

Very well done then to author Roger Griffin for getting this together. I wish Shinko much success with this superb edition. It’s been a pleasure helping birth it into existence.

Wishing all a happy and peaceful weekend.

Tune of the day: An absolute favourite from the era covered in this gorgeous book, although it will always remind me of being in a world of adventure as a young student in Paris in 1985/6

Looking Through You: The Beatles Book Monthly Photo Archive

The latest beautiful foreign edition of the Beatles Monthly photo archive book, Looking Through You, is now at the printers. This one is the slipcased French edition, to be published on October 20th by Hugo et Cie in Paris…


The Rolling Stone Years, by Baron Wolman


One of the greatest titles in our photographic series is Baron Wolman’s The Rolling Stone Years, a collection of his iconic and influential photographs taken during his days as Rolling Stone’s chief photographer.

Here is the cover of the Italian edition from Editore White Star.