The Beatles: Looking Through You, German edition

  The German edition of Looking Through You: The Beatles Book Monthly Photo Archive, which is to be titled Einzigartige Fotos aus den Archiven der Zeitschrift "The Beatles Book" is soon to be published by our friends at Heel Verlag. Here's the cover image that's just been forwarded to me by the German editor.

The Burroughs Warhol Affair, by Victor Bockris

Here's the jacket image for the Spanish edition (Libros Crudos) of Victor Bockris's The Burroughs Warhol Affair. And this is taken from Victor's introduction to the English edition... Across the span of 1980 I tape recorded four meetings between William Burroughs and Andy Warhol. It all began when I was under a stiff deadline to [...]

Keith Richards: A Life in Pictures

Rock's indestructible hero has been photographed by many people over half a century... Keith Richards: A Life in Pictures is a coffee table gem featuring more than 300 photographs in colour and black-and-white by Annie Liebowitz, Jim Marshall, Michael Cooper, Gered Mankowitz, Terry O'Neill, Deborah Feingold, Neil Preston and Mark Seliger. The NME ran a [...]

Looking Through You: The Beatles Book Monthly Photo Archive

The following article is written by Chris Charlesworth, the editor who put this project together... "About a year ago Tom Adams came to see me with a proposition. He was, he said, the son-in-law of Sean O’Mahony, the now retired publisher of The Beatles Book Monthly, who during the sixties had amassed a gigantic collection [...]