Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, The Early Years, by Alex Ogg

The long-awaited Italian edition of Alex Ogg's marvellous Dead Kennedys book is now ready. Our friends at Tsunami Edizioni have prepared the following release... Alex Ogg CALIFORNIA ÜBER ALLES Le Origini dei Dead Kennedys “Abbiamo un senso dell’umorismo e non abbiamo paura di usarlo. Anche nei modi più turpi, se necessario”. - Jello Biafra Grazie [...]

De Nico aux clubs techno: La face cachée d’Ibiza, by Helen Donlon

Published today in France, by Camion Blanc (in paperback and ebook editions) Sur une île où ont vécu pirates, hors-la-loi et électrons libres détruisant ou établissant des procédures pour vivre et faire la fête depuis des siècles, rien n'a vraiment changé dans les coulisses, même si les organisateurs de soirées évoluent désormais dans une société [...]

Keith Richards: The Unauthorised Biography, by Victor Bockris

Here's the front cover to the lovely Polish edition of Victor Bockris's Keith Richards: The Unauthorised Biography, published now by our dear pals at In Rock in Poznan. The first edition of this biography came out in English over twenty years ago now, became an instant classic, and has since been updated several times. Along [...]

Cliff Burton: To Live Is To Die, by Joel McIver

We've just licensed a second paperback edition of Joel McIver's excellent Cliff Burton biography to Camion Blanc in France, following their highly successful first French edition which we licensed a few years back. This new edition has been updated, and is introduced by Kirk Hammett. In honour of this, here for our tune of the [...]

Shadows Across the Moon: Outlaws, Freaks, Shamans and the Making of Ibiza Clubland

It's coming..... The French edition of Shadows Across the Moon, published Spring 2017. What a great way to start the week here at Storm HQ! Here's our tune of the day, in memory of the great drummer Jaki Liebezeit who knew Ibiza's extremes so well...

Warhol: The Biography, by Victor Bockris

We've just closed an exciting deal for a first ever Russian edition of Warhol: The Biography with our friends at Palmyra in St Petersburg. This edition should be ready for early 2018 we hope. Victor Bockris's classic tome, first published in 1989 is, as we previously reported here, currently being made into a major feature [...]

Japan: A Foreign Place, by Anthony Reynolds

Seasons greetings! Here at the agency we have had a wonderful year, with books of our own coming out in different languages and formats, as well as setting up and overseeing more than a dozen gorgeous editions of our authors' works, and getting involved in some very exciting future film projects too. We've now pared [...]

Muhammad Ali: In Fighter’s Heaven by Victor Bockris

What an interesting pairing! The French edition of Muhammad Ali: In Fighter’s Heaven by Victor Bockris has received a glowing review in La Marne, alongside Jean-Luc Hees' biography of Hillary Clinton... Actu livres : Hillary Clinton et Mohammed Ali Deux livres forts sur une certaine idée de l'Amérique avec les ouvrages documentés de Victor Bockris et [...]

The Life & Music of Lou Reed: Waiting for the Man, by Jeremy Reed

Jeremy Reed's uniquely poetic take on Lou Reed's life and music gives this biography a soulful, reverential air mixed with solid evidence of the author's lifelong interest in his subject. As such it's a lovely addition to the Lou/VU bookshelf. The Czech edition has just been published. Here's their jacket image: and more info on [...]

Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, The Early Years, by Alex Ogg

We are delighted to announce that our colleagues Tsunami Edizioni in Milan will be publishing an Italian edition of this gorgeous cathedral work on the DKs, which is now in print in the US, UK, Brazil, Finland and Germany, and will be published in France in Spring too. * Authored by Alex Ogg * Artwork [...]

Freddie Mercury: A Life in his own Words, by Greg Brooks and Simon Lupton

A second German language edition of the official Freddie Mercury: A Life in his own Words (put together by Greg Brooks and Simon Lupton on behalf of Mercury Songs and Queen's management, and with a foreword by Jer Bulsara, Freddie's mother) has now been signed with our friends at Hannibal Koch.