Muhammad Ali: In Fighter’s Heaven by Victor Bockris

What an interesting pairing! The French edition of Muhammad Ali: In Fighter’s Heaven by Victor Bockris has received a glowing review in La Marne, alongside Jean-Luc Hees' biography of Hillary Clinton... Actu livres : Hillary Clinton et Mohammed Ali Deux livres forts sur une certaine idée de l'Amérique avec les ouvrages documentés de Victor Bockris et [...]

Muhammad Ali in Fighter’s Heaven, by Victor Bockris

Globe Editions in Paris, who recently published Victor Bockris's Warhol biography are now preparing a French edition of Victor's classic biography of Muhammad Ali for publication in Autumn 2016. Here is a mock-up draft of their cover...   The English edition, Muhammad Ali in Fighter's Heaven is still available from Hutchinson/Arrow/Random House.

Warhol: The Biography by Victor Bockris

  Warhol The Biography By Victor Bockris Editions Globe Artist, filmmaker, magazine publisher, instigator of Pop Art, Andy Warhol (1928-1987) used his canvasses of dollar bills, soup cans, and celebrities to subvert distinctions between high and popular culture. His spectacular career encompassed the underground scene as well as the equally deviant worlds of politics, show [...]