Warhol: The Film

Jared Leto’s research for his upcoming role as Andy Warhol in the biopic based on Victor Bockris’s Warhol: The Biography is now underway.

Here he is on Friday with Warhol superstar Joe Dallesandro …


Transformer: The Complete Lou Reed Story, by Victor Bockris


Here’s a new interview with Victor Bockris, focusing on Transformer (Harper Collins), his biography of Lou Reed, and also talking a bit about the various new and forthcoming projects we have in the pipeline…

Interview by Tobe Damit

After I posted a very extensive review of Transformer: The Complete Lou Reed Story (2014 updated edition) here in Loud Alien Noize under the title ”The Beauty of the Beast”, I felt the need to ask the author, the well known punk-era writer, Victor Bockris about certain aspects of the biography and his relationship with Lou. He was kind enough to answer them, for your pleasure as well as mine.

LAN: This is a really in-depth biography, I have read several of your books and never before have you gone so deep into someone’s psyche. What is it about Lou Reed?


Victor Bockris: Transformer is the result of a close friendship with Lou between 1974-1979. This is from Rock’n’Roll Animal to The Bells. A solo workaholic rock star such as Lou is by definition a lonely guy. When I started hanging out with him he was living with a long time girlfriend he had known since 1966 at the Factory. Barbara Hodes had gone to Long Island and helped pull him out of his post Velvet’ slump, also offering him a nest in Manhattan. The first night Andrew Wylie and I went out drinking with Lou in fall 1974 the three of us were sitting around a table drinking when he suddenly said, “I haven’t felt this happy in years!” I was stunned. The point is Lou was looking for people he could really talk to. He wanted to emote about his life. No bullshit. We were the same way. And once Lou got a friend he wanted that friend to be available to him at any time. We called ourselves Bockris-Wylie. The first thing Lou did was break us up. Then he developed separate relations with both of us. All my time with Lou was spent in his apartment or mine talking about his problems or mine. He gave me much good advice I rely on to this day. Lou opened his psyche to me and that is why I could write about him so accurately. He once gave me a piece of paper on which he had written “From Lou#3 to Lou#8 ‘Hi!’” Writing from a psychological angle was the only way to start a biography of Lou Reed.

More at Loud Alien Noize

Warhol: The Biography, by Victor Bockris


We’ve just closed an exciting deal for a first ever Russian edition of Warhol: The Biography with our friends at Palmyra in St Petersburg. This edition should be ready for early 2018 we hope.

Victor Bockris’s classic tome, first published in 1989 is, as we previously reported here, currently being made into a major feature film, with a script by the talented Terence Winter. Actor Jared Leto, who acquired the option from us (along with producer Mike De Luca) will be starring as Warhol himself. More news on that soon too.

This Russian edition will be the twelfth language edition of Warhol: The Biography!


Uptight: The Velvet Underground Story, by Victor Bockris and Gerard Malanga


Now in it’s 33rd year in print…I think I’ve seen more editions of this title in various formats and languages than any other book on the agency’s list.

Uptight is the story of The Velvet Underground. It is still widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest rock books ever published, and it first appeared in 1983 and has remained in print in several languages ever since. It was written and compiled by Victor Bockris and Gerard Malanga, and is based on interviews with Nico, Cale, Reed, Morrison and Tucker, as well as others who became part of Andy Warhol’s circle of artistic collaborators.