About us

Storm International Literary Agency provides literary, dramatic and film representation for its authors. The agency was founded in 1998, primarily as a foreign rights offshoot of the Hampstead Heath based publicity company Arts PR & Publicity. For several years the latter organised bespoke launch parties and reading events, literary dinner parties, selective media campaigns and performance and concert bookings for theatre groups, classical musicians, authors and poets. We also provided editorial and text restructuring aid to various fiction writers and translators.

By 2003 Arts PR & Publicity had moved its primary base to an idyllic country house on Ibiza, where we broadened our scope to incorporate media, copywriting and organisational activities for artists and parties working in some of the world’s most famous nightclubs and at private events.

By then Storm International Literary Agency – the foreign rights representation wing of the company – had also grown substantially, partnering with other international literary agents in the most active world book publishing markets, and with some of the most prestigious publishers in those territories.

Eventually the increasing activity at Storm meant we had to largely put Arts PR & Publicity on the back burner and focus in on our author and publisher rights representation.

On relocation in 2010 to a beautiful medieval village in East Anglia Storm expanded once again, taking on English language publishing deals, and an audio and e-book portfolio. We also broadened our international client base of authors and publishers. Our most recent expansion (2016) has included book publishing activities in Turkey and Korea, and a marked increase in our dealings with Hollywood.

Our primary publishing interests are in representing high quality non-fiction in overseas foreign language markets, and in the world of film, stage and television. 

Storm International Literary Representation is open all year round, although news from us tends to be minimal during July and August, the traditional European publishing holidays. Along with our various international partner agents we are nearly always at both the London and Frankfurt Book Fairs.

At the moment our books are closed for new clients, although we will very occasionally consider meeting with a new author or publisher with proven exceptional work in our areas of interest. As a general guide to our dream preferences we will always take character over personality when it comes to new writing voices.

The best way to contact us is via stormibiza@gmail[dot]com