Changing times at the fair

I was just chatting with a dear old pal who’s a commissioning editor at a Portuguese publishing house, and she reminded me that I sent her this collage after the London Book Fair a few years ago. The image shows all the foreign editions I had recently set up around the world that had been published in that short period that had elapsed since the previous Frankfurt Book Fair six months earlier. It was a sort of summing up of that year’s fair for me as licensing foreign language rights for translated editions made up the bulk of my work at that time…[contd. below…]

These days of course I’m hugely engaged in my own publishing and writing/editing/research activities and time spent at book fairs for my agenting work has been stripped right back, which is why this year’s LBF image, known already as “Unexpurgated!” – and actually a deal completed outside of Olympia – is of just one pretty basic but *totally* iconic jacket image/logo, and it’s one from the deep archives (1970).

Basically I’ve optioned motion picture and TV rights to GROUPIE by Jenny Fabian and Johnny Byrne. More news soon as we’re still finessing final details, but it’s happening, and we are psyched.

That’s us for now then. Tomorrow our author Victor Bockris is doing another Warhol talk in Madrid at the Caixa Forum , and for now we’re catching up on reading our latest gifts from Net Galley….

Anyway, here’s “Unexpurgated!” (Clearly meant to indicate shocking at the time, in a distant age preceding Tipper Gore’s contributions to shock hyperbole):


— Helen XO