The end of another year…

As 2017 draws to a close here at Storm, we’ve been reflecting on the changes we’ve been witnessing in the publishing world, and the most striking one is, surely, how much of the real quality writing is more than ever coming out from the independents and the university presses. Just glancing across the shelves of books we’ve read, reviewed, and indeed sublicensed, both here and abroad, the message is the same: beauty comes from outside of the corporate structure and readers have now really got behind this truth, as the sales figures for the indie presses have revealed loud and clear!

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Hopefully this change, a huge marker of today’s zeitgeist (i.e. highlighting and stealthily moving away from the hideously wrong all-male all-white arse/elbow befuddled middle management anti-creative power structures which have lately crushed the soul of many an author) is just the beginning of a new age in more confident book publishing.

A massive thank you then to all our devoted and hard-working publishing friends and colleagues, especially the ever enthusiastic and choosy European posse of genre, literary and other niche publishers that we deal with (and who all seem to love their jobs which tells us all we need to know!), and an even bigger thanks to our own authors for staying true to the source.

Keep writing. Keep reading. The Storm office is closed now till Monday 8th Jan 2018.

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