Charles Manson: Coming Down Fast, by Simon Wells



And here it is! We set up this edition some three years ago, so it’s been a while coming, but all agree it was worth the wait.

Written by Simon Wells and narrated by Peter Curran, Charles Manson: Coming Down Fast is now available on audiobook – from all the usual audible and amazon sites. Simon has been a long time Manson sleuth and observer and Coming Down Fast is the often mind-boggling result of that. Peter interviews Simon at the beginning of the recording about his fascination with the whole insidious nature of cults and self-appointed gurus, and that sets the whole thing up nicely…


I took this pic of Peter and Simon (right) last year on a baking hot day during the recording sessions at the cool and excellent studio where all the Talking Music audiobooks are created. Many of us of course remember Peter’s wonderful BBC GLR radio shows from a few years back, and these days he is still heavily involved with the BBC, including the popular and entertaining Bunk Bed series he’s done with Patrick Marber. So, with his familiar voice, he’s made a brilliant narrator for Simon’s book, which can be sampled here.

The print and Kindle editions of Coming Down Fast are, meanwhile, published by Hodder and Stoughton.