Amorphis, by Markus Laakso

The official biography

AmorphisHere’s this season’s customary Big Metal Title of the Season (I have one at every book fair, and have done for nearly twenty years now…)

The metal band Amorphis is one of the most internationally successful bands and music exports Finland has ever seen. Since 1990, the band has sold several hundred thousand records across the world. Amorphis were performing large tours abroad before Finnish metal was globally recognized, and in their home country Amorphis have received five gold records.

During many years of activity, the band’s musical style has varied from brutal death metal, to tracks which are clearly influenced by folk music or progressive rock. The band is also greatly inspired by Kalevala, the epic Finnish mythology-based poem.

This extensive history tells the colourful story of Amorphis in great detail. In addition to current and former band members, other influential characters, including managers and producers, contribute their thoughts to the book.

The original edition (Finnish) is published by Like. Translation rights have been sold to Germany, but all other rights, including English language rights are still available.

The author, Markus Laakso, is a longtime music journalist who has written for Finland’s largest music magazines.

This new book doesn’t skimp details in its stories.
– Iltalehti

Brings the personal histories of the band members to light and reveals other things never dealt by the media.
– Yle Uutiset

I read the Amorphis history by listening to the songs that were being told about at the same time. The band’s trajectory opened to me in a completely new way.
– Me Naiset

Markus Laakso
Like Publishing Ltd 2015
145 cm x 210 cm, 412 pages + a picture insert