Kraftwerk: Publikation, by David Buckley

Kraftwerk: Publikation, written by David Buckley, and with a preface by Karl Bartos, has now been published in Brazil by Editora Pensamento. Here is the jacket image:



Kraftwerk Publikation is more than the ultimate biography of a unique group; it’s a book that stands beside Kraftwerk’s own innovative albums as an apt and well-crafted artefact in its own right. This updated edition brings the Kraftwerk story up to date by featuring a number of reviews of recent concerts at various art installations around the world.

As pioneers of electronic music Kraftwerk became the living, performing embodiment of a stripped-down and unique brand of German rock. Records such as ‘Trans-Europe Express’, ‘The Man Machine’ and ‘Computer World’ were brilliant and influential inventions that owed no debt to the prevailing music trends of their day, but which affected all music that came after.

Nothing about the classic Kraftwerk lineup of Ralf, Florian, Karl and Wolfgang was conventional, and now, for the first time, a definitive account of their 40-year-plus history celebrates their trailblazing credentials. With contributions from Wolfgang Flür and Karl Bartos as well as other musicians from the world of electronica, Publikation offers a fascinating window into the life and career of a truly inimitable group.

Kraftwerk have been listed among The Beatles and The Rolling Stones as one of the most influential and innovative groups of all time, heralding the computer age through their use of vocoders, electronic instruments and technological themes. If you are already a fan of this legendary band, or you’re interested in knowing more about their fascinating story, this biography by David Buckley is the most comprehensive history of this incredible band available.

Other editions are available from Metrolit in Germany, Shinko in Japan, Amphora in Russia, and Rebis in Poland.