A rebours, from Jeremy Reed, Marc Almond and Othon

Marc Almond, Jeremy Reed and Othon will recreate and record a musical album of the JK Huysmans novel, Against Nature. If you wish to get involved and support the project, the kickstarter page link is below.

It is intended that internationally acclaimed and world famous mime artist, dancer and choreographer, Lindsay Kemp, featured in the video below with Marc Almond, will take the role of the Green Fairy/Demon of Absinth in a video to accompany the musical album of Against Nature (once Kickstarter is complete). Lindsay is acclaimed not only for his own work, Flowers, Salome, Nijinsky, Mid-Summer Nights Dream amongst many others but also his work with The Ballet Rambert (The Parades Gone By) and Choreographer Christopher Bruce (Cruel Garden), David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust) and Kate Bush (The Red Shoes). Credits for this clip go to Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky.



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