Bake in Black: Music-Inspired Baking, by Eve & Dave O’Sullivan

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Bake in Black: Music-Inspired Baking by Eve and Dave O’Sullivan

Created by The Flood Gallery, a boutique gallery located in the world famous Greenwich Market in London, Bake in Black started life as a blog from a kitchen in East London and draws influence from the world of rock and heavy metal to create edible tributes in the kitchen. This lovingly created cook book is a music-themed collection of more than 60 sweet indulgences. All are as unique in presentation as they are in flavour. Bake In Black is written with a twist of humour, and a generous pinch of musical reference, with titles such as Pantera ‘Far Beyond Risen’, Sex Pistols ‘God Save The Cream’, Led Zeppelin ‘Glazed & Infused’ and Meatloaf ‘Battenburg Out Of Hell’. “Combining metal and great food is an idea so good, I could weep steel tears. Bake In Black make the best cakes I’ve ever tasted, the puns are godlike and the metal credentials are unquestionable. Plus, headbanging cancels out the calories so everyone’s a winner!” Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer Magazine “We will be knocking on their door for a sample the next time the boys are back in (their) town” Scott Gorham, Thin Lizzy From cakes and brownies, biscuits and cookies, through to doughnuts, pies, tarts and desserts, Bake in Black features contemporary recipes alongside time-honoured classics. Review in Canary Wharf magazine Review in the Standard Bake in Black was launched upstairs at Carousel London in April 2015

Eve O’Sullivan

Author Eve O’Sullivan is a freelance food writer and regular contributor to The Guardian’s food pages, for which she writes the weekly Readers’ Recipe Swap. You can follow her on Twitter – @eve_os

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